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First Things First: "Initiation into blind dates!"

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hello!…If you read my previous blog post, welcome back to #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST a diary of first experiences (and if you have not yet read my previous post, FYI, face the music and get on it! … hahaha)

We can all agree on the fact that one of the most traumatic experiences for human beings are first dates. Now imagine a date where you have no clue about who your date is, or what he/she looks like, I’m talking about blind dates.

A few years ago, ( … not as many as you are thinking) I had my first blind date. I remember it as if it were yesterday, and not precisely because of the success or impact it had on my love life. Rather by the series of unfortunate events that I had to experience. So, here’s my story:

During my college years, one of my friends (no real names involved so let’s call her Ana). She was the ‘tinder’ of my time, and she wanted me to go out with one of her friends  (no real names involved so let’s call him Peter). Ana never gave me a physical description of Peter, she just told me he was a good guy and that she knew him from a long time ago. So, she gave him my cell phone number, he called me that day and send me a request to add me on MSN ( … imagine how long ago that was). We agreed to go out that Thursday, but since he worked he could not go out in the evening. I suggested that we could go grab dinner or a coffee, but Peter insisted that he wanted to go to the movies (I found this situation suspicious *please read with an [spanish accent]*). Finally Peter agreed to go drink coffee before going to watch the movie. I obviously got dressed as if I were invited to the “MET Gala” with a “Camp” theme and with my outfit I could not go unnoticed, so he recognized me right away and this was the first time we saw each other. We began talking, and I got the impression that for Peter  it was his first blind date as well, because he was super nervous and could not stop mentioning how tired he felt. At this point, I did not know whether this was a warning or a joke. After drinking coffee and getting to know each other for a while, we went to the movie theater. BTW this was a terrible choice, it was a weird and very bad version of “Jaws” (turun turun... turunturun...) During the first minutes of the film, everything went well, I had my popcorn and my soda (my happiness was complete) … But all of a sudden I started to hear weird snoring sounds... And it turns out they came from Peter... OMG! I swear I panicked and did not know whether to wake him up or leave him there. So I ended up choosing the second option, because I found this the easiest. I grabbed my things ASAP and ran. When I arrived to my car, I noticed I had 20 missed calls from Peter. I answered because I thought it was the polite thing to do. He sounded very confused and he asked me “claugalde, where are you?” … So I told him I was going home, and thank you, next! For the failed date.

After that Peter never knew anything about me and viceversa.

Now that you know my failure within the initiation of  blind dates, here are the #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST you must consider when you accept to date a stranger:

1. Have a good ‘tinder’ friend, whoever will do the powerful function of ‘matching’ you with a stranger, he/she has to do it knowing that both of you have things in common and that there is a possibility that your date will have a 70% chance of success.

2. Have an open mind. There is a chance for you to meet the love of your life (like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry), or that your date screws up and falls asleep in a movie like Peter #epicfail. Never have unrealistic expectations about the person you are about to meet or the situation you are about to live.

3. Never overdress or overdo yourself, remember you are not a “Met Gala” attendee, but you are not going to a corner store to get chips, try to find a balance. But also, always keep in mind that first impressions do count. Do not take it to another level.

4. Never go to watch a movie on a first date, the movie theater is a weird place to get to know someone. First dates are all about talking and getting to know each other, you cannot do this while watching the film. Unless you wanna take the risk of being “ssshhhed” at every 10 seconds.

5. Do not feel bound to stay, if you are not liking the date or you feel uncomfortable it is important for you to run away, always in a polite way…. As my mom used to say: “Mijita you can’t force your shoes to fit”...

These are the 5 #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST you must take into account if you accept to go out on a blind date. I hope you find my advice useful to come out victorious, as terrifying as they may seem you never know what they might bring.

Remember you will be able to read my posts on days which end with the number 9, strictly. So, now you know… If you want to keep on reading my first-time experiences diary, ask yourself: when was the last time you tried something for the first time? ... See you for the next post!

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