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First Things First: “When the bday blues hit me”

Hello! I am back! As the song says: “I was not dead, I was partying.” Hahaha… Do you know someone that celebrates their birthday for more than one month? Well, you’re reading her and, as we are already in September, officially my celebrations are over… and hopefully soon my hangover is over too. After all that partying that actually was an attempt to avoid turning years (and I admit it, I took it too far); I am currently in the “facing reality” stage.

Since last year, turning years became quite a topic for me, because once you start leaving your twenties behind, you go into this deep denial when it comes to keep adding candles to your cake. This year I experienced for the first time the famous “Birthday Blues”, better known as the birthday depression. Such a phenomenon is just as real as when your hangover, instead of lasting one day, lasts until 2021, and it is as real as global warming.

According to a research on depression and anxiety disorders conducted by Dr. Stewart Shankman, professor from the University of Illinois, “Birthdays can be one of those events, particularly a milestone birthday. If I’m no longer in my 30s, now I’m 40 years old, what does that mean for who I am?” And no, I did not turn 40 in case you were wondering…! Your birthday can make you question your identity and all the decisions you have made, and not only because in some cases there is a fear of aging, but also because if forces you to take a step back to see if you have achieved your expectations, objectives, goals, and so on.

There are people whom are excited as f*ck to turn years because they’re ecstatic about the celebration. And there are other kinds of people, the rare kind, who are anxious just to think if we want to organize a Kylie Jenner-style party, or rather to buy a Twinkie, put a little candle on it and auto sing Happy Birthday so that at least the day does not go unnoticed.

After this deep reflection, hahaha, I have concluded that if you are one of those that gets stressed whenever you think your birthday is getting closer, I suggest you take into account the next #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST:

  1. Celebrate your birthday like when you celebrate New Year. Feel grateful for one more year, for those days when everything worked out perfectly; but also, for those days in which the only thing missing was having a dog peeing on you… literally. Make your real purposes of how you want to look and feel the following year. Get rid of regrets and "what ifs", focus on what is coming for you and how you can overcome your past self in every single aspect.

  2. Turning years is still special, do not forget it. Just as special as when your parents organized you that Power Rangers themed party (and surely you got all dressed up as the Pink or Red Power Ranger… lol) and they made you immensely happy. Surround yourself with your loved ones and your closest friends; no matter how many times people congratulate you, but the quality of those messages. It is up to you how special that day is (or not), it does not depend on someone else!

  3. Be just like wine, “the older, the better”. Get rid of those social expectations that say you should be married and with children… everything comes to its own time and pace. Stop being afraid of getting older, and yes… it sounds like quite a challenge, but I promise you that you’re ready to cope with it and so is the world. If your trauma is to get your face full of wrinkles, then run and buy that anti-aging cream… there are many ways to take care of yourself and have a healthy life. 

  4. Party without stress and do it your way. There is no pressure from anything or anyone to have you celebrating your birthday Kardashian-style or throwing a party that lasts for two days. As my mother used to say: “Mijita, if your friends jump from a bridge, do you do it too?” … So, stop comparing yourself and doing the same as the others.

  5. If things do not work out as you planned them, at least enjoy the cake. Enjoy life, do whatever you want however you want, it is your special day! The only person you have to make happy (and not only on that day) is yourself.

These are the 5 #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that I recommend you to follow carefully to guarantee and make you revel in a genuine happy birthday.

Don’t forget that there will be a new post on the first and last days of the month with the number 9 on it… If you want to keep reading this first-time experiences diary, remember: when was the last time you tried something for the first time? Until the next post!

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