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First Things First: "Write my first blog (CHECK)"

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hello! I was born under the zodiac sign of cancer, I´m an internationalist and marketing professional who has left her twenties behind… In love with electronic dance music slightly alternative, street style fashion trends, and tacos al pastor hahaha… How does that sound?... You might be thinking that I’m crazy for starting a blog in a world where anyone hardly wants to read and everyone wants to write. However, in the end I’m not concerned about the number of people that want to read it, but rather that the ones who do read it have a good laugh. While remembering that at some point of their lives they have experienced a similar situation and should therefore already know what not to do. Long story short, this is a diary about experiencing something for the first time (... and it’s not what you’re thinking!); I am referring to when I first faced this unknown world filled with endless possibilities. So in sum, my first post is dedicated to tell you how #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST started (the very first blog I write).

A year ago, during my birthday, I had a mental breakdown ‘cause I literally felt that my life had flown by so fast and that half of the things I had planned to do did not happen at all. It was the perfect moment to cut the crap and do something about it. So I told myself: “claugalde, do you want to spend the rest of your life with the what ifs of not trying, or would you rather have tried even if you screwed up?” and so after a few gins, I obviously chose the second option.

I have always had a lot to say and yes, sometimes I-can’t-keep-my-mouth-shut. Therefore, I decided to turn this supernatural power into a gift, which allows me to share my experiences with everyone; that’s when my #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST family (you can meet them on “my family” section) gave me their unconditional support to start this new adventure. I must confess that I have been terrified since the first day I came up with this idea, mostly because there was so much to consider and very little time to do it. So, here are the #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that I took into account before writing my blog:

  1. Choosing an atypical subject that’s different from the eight hundred million blogs out there, such as: “Fashion and my perfect life with Photoshop”, “Socialité in events where no one has an effing clue of who I am”, “How to have a beach body eating -5 calories per day and doing spinning until sweating like a dog”, etc… I mean, the topic has to be something personal that exposes you just the way you are.

  2. Choosing a catchy name that is obviously  related with the subject, so everything makes sense, both in your life and for those who read you.

  3. Investing all your savings in finding someone who helps you build your website, taking cool photographs, hiring a personal stylist, etc… Just kidding! … Find your partners in crime, those talented friends that have a lot to say just like you, and their many abilities that will thankfully make you save a couple million of cents.

  4. Learning how to `photoshop` your ideas and realizing that it’s okay to laugh at your own mistakes. I am obviously aware that not everything I say is relevant to everyone, and that perfection doesn’t exist. Not even in Hollywood’s best films, so the blog content has to be easy to read and understand, encouraging the readers to laugh with you and at you… without a problem!

  5. The risk of writing something so personal is precisely that you’re exposing your life both to people you know and complete strangers… and you should not give an eff about it. Like my mother used to say, “Mijita, what do I care about what others say or do, I care about you...!”

These are the five most important #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that encouraged me to write this blog. Before I say my goodbyes, I almost forgot to mention that I am a super-superstitious person by birth. So, you will be able to read my posts on days which end with the number 9, strictly. Because it's my lucky number. Remember, now you know… If you want to keep on reading my first-time experiences diary, ask yourself: when was the last time you tried something for the first time? ... See you until the next post!

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