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First Things First: "To emancipate or to not emancipate?… that’s the question"

Updated: Sep 10, 2019


I hope you are having a good Sunday blues and that the hungover of yesterday’s graduation party is not killing you... hahaha. Speaking of graduations, we are in that time of the year in which maybe you will make one of the most important decisions of your life… To emancipate or to not emancipate? A few years ago, I was in your place, with the only difference that I didn’t even have time to ask myself… Literally. When I realized, my bags were already made because the time to start university in another city had come. And that’s how I experienced for the first time the famous “emancipation”, that is, living on my own. Obviously, it was a “half emancipation”, because my parents continued paying the bills.

Before moving out, the idea of living on my own was the best - not having parents telling you to make your bed, or to be home by 11:00 p.m. because you don’t live in a hotel, or to wake up by 7 in the morning every Sunday to go to church AND to put your best face in every single family reunion. However, I never really took into account the responsibilities that living alone implies and taking care of a lot of things that magically were made for you before.

In my college years (university and master’s) I had different roomies, even when I lived outside of Mexico. After a while, I decided to move in with my Finnish boyfriend (which has been a whole adventure, I will tell you about it later), until I stayed alone like a dog hahaha total emancipation.

I’ve been living on my own for almost a year, and I won’t deny that the thing I enjoy the most is having my own space and being in touch with my loneliness (violin background music, please). Although I also have days in which I’d like to buy a fish to talk to it and take a walk… hahaha. Living alone has much more advantages than the ones I’ve told you about, from lying down in your couch for two days straight in your pjs (without showering) to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, to decide if you will pay your electricity bill or buy those Dolce & Gabanna shoes you’ve always wanted.

But ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, so if you’re about to accomplish “total emancipation” and have a taste of the glory of living on your own, these are the #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that you must bear in mind:

  1. To share or not to share? That is the question… If you decide to share an apartment, you need to choose your roomie very carefully, as if you’re choosing your future husband/wife, since you’ll have to learn not only to share expenses and responsibilities, but also your time and space with someone that can be completely different from you. If you’re from the team claugalde, I suggest you live on your own, since this means that you enjoy having your own space and rules.

  2. Be realistic with your bills… Define a budget for all your expenses, including rent, obviously. Remember that you need to pay a deposit whenever you rent plus the monthly payment, amenities, moving services, personal expenses, etc. This will not only help you determine how much money you need to buy your freedom, but it will also help you choose the zone where you want to live and that fits your budget.

  3. Learn at least how to prepare a quesadilla… I mean, learn all the things your parents used to do for you, such as cooking, doing the laundry, ironing, etc... I suggest you go through some YouTube tutorials for these chores of amateur housekeeper, this will help you save a few cents and gain some new skills to impress your suitors while you include those abilities in your CV hahaha.

  4. You can’t emancipate yourself from overnight. However extraordinary the idea of total freedom may sound; you must have a plan before accomplishing it. If you want to have success and avoid those existential crises on the way, start planning this process at least six months in advance, this way you’ll have more security and economic stability to achieve it.

  5. Emancipate yourself for the right reasons… Even though according to the definition from the Oxford dictionary emancipation means: “the fact or process of being set free - liberation”, do not think that with this you will get to overcome the dramas you have with your parents, not standing your mom telling you “Mijit@: when you have your house you will do whatever you want“ counts as a valid reason to become independent. Although if you have 35 years old and still live under your parent’s roof, my friend open your eyes, it is time to grow up and leave the nest. Despite wanting to pack all your stuff and make a dramatic exit Mexican-soap-opera style, please think about it 1, 2, or more times.

These are the 5 #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that you need to take into account if you want to emancipate yourself, live on your own, have total freedom, own your life and time, do whatever you please, etc.… without die trying.

Don’t forget that there will be a new post on the first and last days of the month with the number 9 on it… If you want to keep on reading my first-time experiences diary, ask yourself: when was the last time you tried something for the first time? ... Until the next post!

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