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First Things First: “Heartbroken for the first time… but not the last"

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hello! If you’re reading this is because you’ve survived the longest week of the month… you’re a champion #anduknowit!… Now you can say hello weekend to the weekend! And surely on this grey and cloudy day (unless you live in the Bahamas of course) your only plan is to spend the day lying on your bed while watching Netflix and leaving the nest only to open the door to the food deliveryman (FYI, I’m looking for sponsors hahaha!). If you’ve spent over an hour deciding which chick-flick to watch next, worry not… claugalde brings you this excellent weekend recommendation, I am referring to… “Someone Great”. This movie is obviously about love… and the story of the main character surely has happened to you or to a friend’s cousin. In summary – no spoilers!-, Jenny (played by Gina Rodriguez) breaks up with her sweetheart (an actor who’s not even known in his own house) after a shit-ton of years together and instead of suing him for the waste of time… she shows us how hard it is to get over a top-level break up. What this chick-flick shows us that it is possible to heal a broken heart… precisely, this week’s post on #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST is about the first time that I got my heart broken, and if the movie summary has left you wanting more, what I’m about to tell you seems taken out of a Mexican soap opera combined with a book of thevery Nicholas Sparks (that dude that wrote “The Notebook”) and you’ll be dying to keep reading or I’ll stop calling myself claugalde:

When I was a teenager, I fell in love with the grandson of my dad’s neighbor… you got it right hahaha, let’s call this guy Roberto (to protect his identity). Roberto was on vacation at his grandparents’ house, since he was from another city, and he was my summer love. When I met him, I felt Cupid’s arrow shot and those tummy butterflies… I remember he was really handsome and athletic and even though he was just one year older… he looked way more aged. Literally for the two months he was visiting, we saw each other every day, until the summer was over, and he had to go back to his hometown. We talked every single night back then, and he always rang my house phone, since the iPhone hadn’t been invented back then and it was not usual for a teenager to own a phone hahaha. After being in touch for a couple of months, he invited me to spend a weekend with him and his parents… obviously the parents thing was #fakenews… since Roberto had already organized the plan to throw a huge party while being home alone. I, with my small-town girl naivety, asked for permission to my parents to go and visit him, and I hadn’t even finished explaining the plan to my dad when he was already saying “What?! You’re crazy and obviously not going!!!”

I told Roberto the sad news immediately and locked myself in my bathroom to cry Cinderella style for not attending the ball, with the only exception that I never got the fairy godmother hahaha. After my drama queen role all weekend, I waited Roberto’s call anxiously… and I got it one week later, so things were fishy. When I talked to him, he explained me that at his mega party home-alone style, he ran into his ex-girlfriend, and after being together on that night they decided to go back together… I felt how my heart was being shattered into a shit-ton of little pieces and how all the butterflies in my stomach were collapsing one by one as if they had been killed with insecticide… that’s right, super sad. And that’s when the inevitable happened: a fucking depression that made me put on 5 kilos for all the ice cream I gulped in one weekend, followed by a dehydration for all the tears I cried… could I be more dramatic? And then truth be told, I was over it… because time heals everything, even a broken heart, I swear to you.

When I was just overcoming this life episode called “when I got my heart broken for the first time but not the last time…”, three months later my dad came to me with this juicy gossip:

Dad: - Mijita, do you remember Roberto?

Claugalde: (*character plays dumb*)… - Who’s that dude?

Dad: (*character adds more fuel to the fire*) – How can you not remember the neighbor’s grandson? Weeeell, turns out that Roberto, as young as he is, will become a dad and is getting married next month

Claugalde: Wait whaaat?! (*pretends to be shocked*)

I did not faint (in case you were wondering), but I was paralyzed for the  news for like an hour… Because it turned out that in that party my parents didn’t allow me to go, Roberto knocked up his ex-girlfriend and two months after they found out they were going to have twins and “decided” to get married at 17 years old… and the rest is history.

In case you’re going through a huge drama like the kind, these are the #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST that you need to follow carefully to overcome a broken heart:

  1. Shedding some tears in this process is inevitable… Even though you might want to unsubscribe yourself from life, it’s up to you if the depression lasts one day or one year. It’s important that you never regret what you have lived… everything always happens for a reason, so learn to take to bring out the best outcome of the worse situations. And think that it might not be the last time it happens to you… and that you’ll be ready to get through any situation that you’ll ever face.

  2. Get yourself five or more liters of ice cream… I mean, do things that you like and that make you happy, if that ice cream is the answer, go for it! It is valid to go off the diet when you’re depressed, without losing sight of the next point.

  3. Revenge body! Feel good with yourself… After having finished 5 liters of ice cream, look for activities that release those endorphins to cheer you up. For example, do some work out and in the process, you’ll be super fit to show them what they’re missing. But the most important is that you gain back that self-confidence.

  4. Take your time to be single and ready to mingle… It’s not a great idea to fight fire with fire, so I advise you to be alone for a while to order those thoughts and your life before hopping on the love train again.

  5. Take it easy, is not the end of the world… I promise you that you will get through this and that in two shakes of a lamb’s tail you’ll be so laughing about it. Do not be so hard on yourself while thinking that you’re losing the love of your life, better think that it was not the right person for you and that you were not a perfect match for him/her either. When you least expect it, you will meet your soulmate!

These are the 5 #FIRSTTHINGSFIRST to put some glue in those little pieces of your broken heart and be ready to move forward with your life…

Don’t forget that there will be a new post on the first and last days of the month with the number 9 on it… If you want to keep reading this first-time-experiences diary, remember: when was the last time you tried something for the first time? Until the next post!

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